Liverpool to make shock transfer move for Tottenham player

Liverpool have been rumoured to make a transfer move for Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder Christen Eriksen.

The Merseyside club recently defeated Tottenham Hotspurs in the Champions League final in Madrid and are now looking to compound their heartache by going for one of their important component in Christian Eriksen.

The rumor is a little odd as the player is above 27 years old and Liverpool are not known to do deals for players in that age range unless of course they are top talents.

Also, the player’s employer might value him beyond what Liverpool might be willing to pay and his wage demands might be put offish.

In addition, Skysport pundit Jamie O’Hara who broadcasted the unusual interest only thinks on a whim that Liverpool might be interested in the Danish playmaker.

His thought can be traced to the fact that since the sale of Coutinho to Barcelona, Liverpool have not had an out-and-out replacement for the little magician and therefore the need to link Eriksen.

Although, this has not been a problem for Jurgen Klopp has he has managed the team well by trusting his players to do the job without much fuss.

However, it is expected that the German will sign an attacking midfield but Eriksen doesn’t check all the boxes of the hardworking midfielder desired and cherished by Klopp.

The window is still young and it is largely uncertain. So let’s prepare for the drama as it unfolds.

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